Our Proposal

Every school district in New Jersey deserves to be 100%, fully funded.

When it comes to public schools in New Jersey – it’s that simple.

Almost a decade ago, New Jersey created a school funding formula that made sure every child had access to the education they needed to live up to their fullest potential.  Since then Governors of both parties have failed to fully fund the formula, shortchanging school districts and cheating kids across the state.

Under the plan proposed by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Senate Education Committee Chairwoman M. Teresa Ruiz, that cheating stops once and for all.

End the gimmicks, the tricks, and the politics that injected into the original SFRA formula in 2008.

The bottom line is, for years the true opponents of fair funding have tried to divide New Jersey into groups – those who have versus those who don’t.  That time is over.

The future of public education in New Jersey is one where every school is fully funded and every student has the tools they need to succeed.

Click here to view SR-100, which created the Senate Select Committee on School Funding Fairness.